Thesis defence of Ms Manelle HASNAOUI-MILADI on 26 May 2021


Due to the ever-increasing number of grid-connected photovoltaic installations, the national electricity operators have established several requirements. These requirements define the technical specifications for the voltage inverter to connect a distributed generation source to an electrical distribution network. Besides, these inverters must fulfill standards treating the safety and the performances of the photovoltaic systems. This thesis focuses on the standard related to the overall efficiency of grid-connected photovoltaic inverters, NT67.50. This standard proposes a test bench and guidelines for test procedures to assess the efficiency of PV inverters, including the maximum power point tracking and the conversion efficiencies. According to this context, this thesis intends to make a further contribution toward the design and the implementation of a photovoltaic generator emulator, based on the requirements of the test bench specified by standard NT 67.50 entitled "Overall efficiency of grid-connected photovoltaic inverters", Tunisian version of the European standard NF EN 50530 with the same title. This thesis report is organized in three chapters. At first, a review of issues in PV generator emulators, their power topologies and control algorithms is given. Then, the conception of the power stage and the design of the control of the selected structure are presented, as well as an interface HMI, based on the test of the static MPPT efficiency, has been proposed to facilitate the normative tests. And finally, a 6 kVA experimental prototype is described, and experimental results discussed. They validate the effectiveness and the performance of the developed emulator as well as the HMI and the testing procedure.


Photovoltaic, PV inverter, Emulator, Standard, Test bench, Normative tests, Test procedure, Performance, Efficiency. .