This internal seminar follows the Summer School organized in June 2019 and the internal seminar which took place remotely in July 2020, all around the theme "Control of power converters" The QehnA research team is working on to strengthen its teaching capacity in this area. After a presentation of the PIL principle with the PSIM software and the implementation of the necessary hardware and software environment, a feedback from the young QehnA researchers will be presented based on examples of DC/DC converters


  • Mrs Zina Boussaada, ESTIA-RECHERCHE, ESTIA, Bidart France
  • Mr. Jaafar Saied and M.Mohamed Ali Gam, de

Abstract of Mrs Zina Boussaada conference

Contribution of artificial intelligence techniques to the management of renewable energies The integration of renewable energies in the electricity grid has given rise to new locks. Today, we are faced with distributed and intermittent generation of electricity in small-scale networks called "micro-networks". At the same time, there is a significant development in Artificial Intelligence techniques, which has mainly been based on Big Data and IoT. The fields of application of these techniques are increasing, both in research and in the field of industrial applications and developments. The use of these techniques for the prediction of time series and for the management of complex systems has already shown its performance. In this context, we will present the conference entitled “The contribution of artificial intelligence techniques to the management of renewable energies” which will be structured around the following two axes :

  • The use of deep-learning for solar energy prediction,
  • The implementation of expert energy management systems using multi-agent systems
  • application case: racing sailboat and building to be renovated.


Zina Boussaada, Research Teacher at ESTIA-RECHERCHE, ESTIA, Bidart France, shares her research experience on the intelligent management of renewable energies in micro-networks. His work began in the framework of his doctoral thesis, and continued by speaking on the two European projects REZBUILD (H2020) and EKATE which aim to make the process of renovation of buildings in Europe more sustainable.

Jaafar Saied is the CEO of Lightency, a green tech startup that uses Blockchain technology to provide decentralized energy solutions. Through his carrer, Jaafar worked with startups that promote sustainability, he also participated in building several successful companies.

Mohamed Ali Gam is the Chief Development Officer at Electrify Network. He has 20 years combined international professional experience in Renewable Energy and Information Technology. He has been the Vice President of Business Development for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (“EMEA”) at Suntrough Energy Inc, a USA based project development and technology startup focused on Solar Concentrated Power technology and Solar PV projects.